Samuel David lives in the Hill Country in Texas with his wife and two dogs, Ellie and Bree.  He is the father of five children and is currently a full time writer. Samuel has now written five books on a variety of subjects.  You can contact him through this web site.
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The Gentile Witness series look at the possibility there is no Rapture, and the final Two Witnesses arrive in our modern world. The reality is the last two witnesses are men, not gods. They now have to navigate a modern world and carry out Gods last plan for them.
These books in part, are based on the Authors opinions of the following books:
the Bible, the Book of Enoch, Chariots of the Gods and the Stichin series of books.
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This true story is based on two runaway young boys, who in 1968 manage to spend an equivalent in today’s money, 210,000 dollars in a few short weeks. As a true story,that tells how they started out to do one thing, then fate intervened, as the adventure took on a completely different direction. All the names used in this book were changed for protection of those still living. However, the events as told did happen, and there is proof in newspaper clippings from the period where they were caught. Some of the news stories made the front-page in some cities.
The story also involves two girls that are also runaways. They with the two boys traverse the country and enjoy many of the popular vacation destinations and resorts of this period.
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After reading over the past several decades countless books about Tribulation, going back to The 'Late Great Planet Earth' by Hal Lindsey, then reading the entire 'Left Behind' series, I was left frustrated.  The primary reason was, all I could find in the Bible that would definitely state Tribulation or time of sorrows started, was the arrival of the two witnesses. Period.
I then started reading other books,  such as the 'Chariot of Gods' by  Erich von Dänikenthen,  The entire Zecharia Sitchin series of books, Flavius Josephus, 'The Antiquities of the Jews', then the Book of Enoch and many more. I even read books who have written on the subject, the Bible and its contents are myths, such as the 'Atheist Nun'. After absorbing these best sellers, I then returned to the Bible and studied all the scripture I could, starting in Genesis.
One morning I woke up from a strange dream, that for some reason I remembered.  It was 3:00 AM.  I went to the kitchen made my coffee, then went to my computer and wrote the outline for the Gentile Witness Books.  In three days I had two-hundred pages written, but it still took time, for a lot of research needed to be done.
Two years later I finished book one.
The reason for calling the series 'The Gentile Witness' was that when Enoch walked the earth, the Jews did not exist.  So he was a Gentile, and he was my first witness.  Therefore, the series is named after Enoch, for he is the Witness for the Gentiles, whereas, Elijah is the Witness for the Jews and Arabs.
The other situations we incorporated into these books were, The Gods technology, as described in the Bible, current conspiracy theories of who really runs the world, and then of course the fallen, whom reside here on earth, with their leader Satan or Lucifer if you prefer. Yes, they are here on earth and have been since the beginning of creation of man.
The result for the reader is, these books are the first 'Christian Fantasy Book', which uncovers a worldwide conspiracy, being orchestrated by an extremely powerful and influential group of genetically related individuals (at least at the highest echelons) (Fallen Ones). which include many of the world's wealthiest people, top political leaders, and corporate elite. Using the Bibles last two witnesses, Enoch and Elijah, they uncover the plan of Lucifer (Satan) and his son. A must read for Christians.